About Alkakrisp



AlkaKrisp tastes great and uses a patented filtering process that ensures high PH levels while maintaining an enjoyable drinking experience.

Our goal is to support good health for all by distributing great tasting, super healthy alkaline water. We offer unique distribution plans at affordable prices for our clients, to be sure they have access to AlkaKrisp water when they need it most.


  • Promote healthy living.

  • Detoxify and hydrate your body.

  • Cleanse, neutralize & balance.

  • Enhanced antioxidants.

  • A natural source of Calcium.

  • Maintain Optimum Health.

  • Pure Natural Taste.

  • Increasing intracellular Hydration.

  • Replenishing essential minerals.

  • Helping to maintain normal blood flow and acid alkaline balance.

  • Fleshing out and preventing waste from accumulating in cells.

  • Preventing free radicals from forming and damaging other cells.

  • Filtered through an Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis process.

  • AlkaKrisp water has a PH of 9 -10.

  • AlkaKrisp is proven to filter any chlorine or fluoride residues in other brands.

  • AlkaKrisp incorporates several layers of filtration enhancing the taste with much needed minerals.

  • Stabilizes and protects cells.

AlkaKrisp strives to develop, manufacture and distribute quality health enhancing beverages to a World Wide market. At AlkaKrisp we specialize in producing and distributing the most natural, delicious and thirst quenching Functional Beverage products in the world. Main production facilities are located in southern California.

Our main design, manufacturing and distributing plant is located in Los Angeles California with additional distribution centers located in: Arizona, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Texas. 


 Alex Hazan

Mr. Alexander (“Alex”) Hazan arrived to the United States more than 30 years ago after successfully completing a long and distinguished career in one of the Israeli Army’s most elite units. Since his arrival, Alex has experienced success as a self-made entrepreneur. He created and financed one of the largest independently-owned home-improvement companies in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, with over 30 employees on staff. Alex later expanded his services beyond home improvement into real estate development and construction; all of which still operating successfully to this day.

In the mid-1990s, Alex decided to branch into the entertainment industry. He formed Silver Cloud Productions, which successfully produced and financed several multi-million dollar independent films. Alex also founded MIM TV, Israel’s leading 3D animation production company. Through MIM TV, he developed a large DVD library of children’s programming and CD-ROM interactive games. Outside the entertainment realm, Alex also funded and managed the introduction of a private distilled spirit label product called Ying Yang Vodka.

Ten years ago Alex decided to turn his attention on providing healthy drinking solutions to the masses, concentrating on the most abundant source on the planet: water. Instead of focusing on bottling it for sale, Alex wanted to make it accessible to any homeowner at any time. Not only this, Alex wanted to find a way to use the existing water source but make it healthier to drink and taste better. This internal desire led Alex to start PHWater.com: the company responsible for developing the PHWater.com Alkaline Water-Filtration Unit.